zaterdag 6 juli 2013


Today, me and my niece Janny were going to make macarons.

The French are the inventors of macarons (I think). So if we make macarons, we need to find a recipe of the French chefs.

I took this one.

- 210 g powder sugar
- 145 g almond powder
- 75 g pistache powder (I used almond powder)
- 85 g x 2 egg white
- 200 g table sugar
- 5 cl water
- colorant (I used cacao powder)

Macarons cups:
First mix the almond powder with the powder sugar and 85 g of egg white.

Then mix the second 85 g egg white with a mixer until it is white. Then add the molten sugar to the egg white while mixing. Then we get a sort of meringue.

Then we mix the first mixture with the second mixture and get the macaron paste.

I found out that creating the mixed egg white was much easier when using molten sugar at 119 °C. It goes much faster and it makes the end result much stiffer. So I learned something new.

Now bake them at 170 °C for 12 minutes.

Macarons filling:
I used an easy recipe. Just warm up 50 g of cream and then add 100 g pure chocolate to it. You can add some almond powder if you want.

This is the macarons paste. It was difficult to make them round.

This is the final end result and they were very delicious!

I know what I'm going to make for my birthday.

Now the second time I made it, it was PERFECT!

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