maandag 26 mei 2014

Mochi Mochi Ice Cream

This Japanese Youtube channel is very nice. Today I learnt to make Mochi.

Here's my dough, it works pretty well!

I used the ice cream I created yesterday (with the Japanese technique) to fill them up. You should try it!

zondag 25 mei 2014

Hum Sui Kok (Vegetarian Pork Dumpling)

Normally this is done with pork, but I use vegetarian pork.

Here is how we make Hum Sui Kok, a delicacy especially in Hong Kong. You should try it.

The recipe for the dough is like this:

40 g tang flour (same as wheat starch)
160 g glutinous rice flour
60 g sugar
40 g palm oil
1/4 cup of boiling water
125 ml cold water

Let's try making the dough.

First we have the ingredients:

Then we knead the dough. I just mix everything together, but if you want to do it properly, you can use cold water for the glutinous rice flour and boiling water for the wheat starch.:

Make balls:

And fry it low to medium heat:

What you put in the dough, you can choose yourself. Experiment with it!

Chocolate Parfait

I recently found another way to make parfait (ice cream without an ice machine).

The only difference now is that we don't need to make a sabayon on the stove. We just make the sabayon by mixing hot syrup into the egg yolk mixture.

Here's how the Japanese people do it and they know how to make desserts for sure. I like this technique because it's much easier to do, you can't burn your egg yolks on the heat. But if you still want to do it the traditional way, here you go.


I made my variation on it by adding cacao powder to the whipped cream and to the sabayon. This will create chocolate ice cream.

I can't wait for the result.