maandag 17 februari 2014

Crispy Layers

Remember how I made the Hashbrowns? I had difficulties to get the crispiness in it.

I may have found the secret on how to make the crispy layers on them. The key is to use two different kinds of starches/flour.

The first one is "wheat starch", which is mostly used for Chinese steamed dim sum. To use this wheat starch, you must use boiling water and add it to the wheat starch to create a glutinous mixture. Do not add too much water, otherwise it will be too watery. Do not add too few water, otherwise you make dough for dim sum, which is not what you want.

When you have created the glutinous mixture, you add that to the main dish, in this case: hashbrowns. This way your hashbrowns will be held together. I don't know the exact measurements yet, I still have to experiment.

Secondly, you use potato flour and add that to the mixture of hashbrowns. This gives the crispiness to the hashbrowns when you deep fry them. You can add more of potato flour than wheat starch.

The third technique, and this is my favourite one, is to use self raising flour with some water and salt. That will give the crispiest layer you can ever dream of. The mixture should be viscous, but not too thick and not too watery.

Now, I learned about a last method from the best chef in the world.
Watch how it is done here:

Now you experiment with these.

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