vrijdag 5 februari 2016

Vegetarian Char Siu

Here is how to make vegetarian char siu pork belly.

You only need:
- 1/2 kilo self raising flour
- 1 kilo wheat gluten powder
- water
- red rice yeast
- honey/maltose/brown sugar
- tomato concentrate
- (dark) soy sauce
- ketjap/ketchup
- mushroom flavour
- salt
- red fermented bean curd (which I didn't have in house)

Part 1:
Add water to the flour (self raising flour + wheat gluten powder) and let it sit.
Boil the red rice yeast for 15 min.

Part 2:
Wash the dough.
Steam the dough for 20 min.
Fry the dough.

Part 3:
Make the honey sauce from the red yeast sauce and add ketjap, sugar, salt, tomato paste, soy sauce.

Part 4:

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