zaterdag 22 november 2014


Cannelloni is something I have never eaten before. I'm going to make it myself today as it is a vegetarian dish.

It's basically pasta with ricotta and spinach, dressed in tomato sauce. It's kind of a lasagna with ricotta.

Ingredients are:

Tomato sauce:
- 5 tomatoes
- 1 cup of tomato concentrate
- basil
- olive oil
- some olive parts
- red wine
- salt
- pepper

Ricotta paste:
- 250 g spinach (sliced)
- 500 g ricotta
- 100 g parmezan
- nutmeg
- pepper
- salt
- olive oil
- 12 pieces of cannelloni

First you just make the tomato sauce like we always do. Cook the tomatoes and the tomato concentrate until they are soft. Add some red wine and olives. Finish it off with some salt, pepper and basil. Very easy. Just make sure it's not too dry. If it's dry, add some water to it.

Next on you make the ricotta paste. Just mix all the ingredients together and stuff the cannelloni up.

Finally throw the tomato sauce on top of the cannelloni and add some cheese on top of it. Mozarella is recommended.

Bake it for 30 minutes at 180°C.

Here's another recipe:

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