zaterdag 12 augustus 2017

Oreo Parfait

Roger Vandamme is my favourite chef for desserts and he teaches you here how to make a perfect parfait!

I will make it with Oreo cookies.

- 2 eggs
- 4 egg yolks
- 150 g sugar
- 100 g Oreo cookies
- 700 g cream

Mix the eggs and the sugar. Heat it up till 85 °C while mixing, then turn off the heat. Continue mixing till it cools down and turns into a thick mixture. Whip the cream and add it. Make sure the cream is cold. Also add the crushed Oreo cookies. That's it!

You can also add some milk powder in it.
Ice cream makers use it combat the effects of too much water in their ice cream base. Milk is almost 90 percent water, and heavy cream is about 60 percent water. You need water to freeze your ice cream, but too much water will freeze into itty-bitty ice cream crystals… and your ice cream will be icy and grainy, not smooth and creamy. Skim milk powder absorbs excess water and givers a milkier, creamier flavor.

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