vrijdag 7 juni 2013


My project today will be Cheesecake.

Here's how a professional cook makes it:

But here's an easier version: I got this recipe from a colleague of mine and it's pretty easy to make.

You will need:
- 200 g of sugar (I'm going to use 150 g because I don't like it to be so sweet)
- 125 g of butter
- 3 eggs
- 1 pod of vanille
- 2 tea spoons of pudding powder
- lime juice
- 500 g of full farmer's cheese (which is basically thick yoghurt with a lot of fat)
- crumb pastry

Make sure everything is at room temperature!!! Otherwise you will get lumps.

1) Put the sugar, butter, vanille, pudding powder in a bowl.
2) Add 1 egg and mix it
3) Add 1 egg and mix it again
4) Add 1 egg and mix it again till it is smooth
5) Add the lime juice to it (don't forget to taste the mixture)
6) Add the farmer's cheese
7) Put the mixture in your crumb pastry
8) Bake it at 180° C for 55 minutes
9) Let it cool down
10) Put it in the fridge

This is the result after baking:

And this is the result after a day in the fridge:

=> Eat!

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