zondag 16 juni 2013

Luikse Wafel: Day 2

Ok, I made the yeast dough.

Then we just knead the dough and add those together. Let's hope it works!

I had to add a little bit more flour, because it was too sticky. Mixing the pearl sugar wasn't easy. Some parts had too much sugar. So I had to distribute them from highly concentrated sugar parts to less concentrated sugar parts.

Now let's see what the result is.

The caramelization was ok. But the dough wasn't like it should be, I missed the stretchiness of the dough. Also, the recipe used too much sugar to my taste. It was like eating sugar instead of waffles.

Conclusion: it's better to buy one than to make one... I'll leave it to the professionals.

If you still want to make it yourself, here are the instructions.

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