zondag 19 mei 2013

Hash Browns: Day 3

Ok, I have made the water + flour + starch mixture.

I used 3 table spoons of flour and 1 table spoon of potato starch. Then I added water (around 7 table spoons of water) until the mixture is fluid. It needs to be pretty fluid, do not make it too thick. Don't forget to add salt, otherwise the coat doesn't have flavour.

Then I take out my hash browns from the fridge, let it warm up a bit and then fry it while dipping it in the water/flour/starch mixture.

This is the result: If you fry it a second time, it will be crispier.

Final result:
I think the hash browns were not salted enough, so next time I'm going to add more salt. I also think the potatoes were cooked for too long, so I will cook them less the next time.

To see how you make the hash brown, go here.

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