zondag 12 mei 2013

Tarte Tatin

I think I have perfected the making of tarte tartin, one of the most delicious desserts ever!

The most important part in cooking tarte tartin is to choose how much sugar you are going to use. Do not use too much sugar, or the apples will taste like candy. Do not use too little sugar, or you won't have enough caramelization of the tarte tartin. The standard is: use as much sugar as you need to cover the entire frying pan.

Another important part is how thin your apples are sliced. If you make them really thin, you will get dark brown caramelized apples, which isn't bad. But if you want a little bit more moisture and juiciness to the apples, you will have to slice them bigger.

For the pastry, always use "puff pastry". It is the best combination. Add a little flower to the puff pastry to get that "flowery" taste.

Next on, you will need some apple vinegar, or you could use white wine too. The best is of course Calvados, but not everyone drinks it and it's quite expensive.

A tarte tartin wouldn't be perfect if you didn't have that caramelized (candy-like), chewy, crust on it. To get that crust, you need to cook the apples long enough so that most of the water evaporates. It will take about 15 minutes to get all the water out. When baking it in the oven, make sure you bake it long enough so that the crust becomes candy-like. You need at least half an hour baking in the oven, to make it crisp. For that to happen, you need to bake it on low heat (150 °C). Otherwise the pastry will get burnt. The last 5 minutes you can use 180 °C to get that brown crispy color on your pastry.

After baking it, you flip it over on a plate and don't forget to add the ice cream on top of it.

And the result:

Final Result:
I think the next time I'm going to slice the apples bigger and let them cook longer and also bake them longer. This will make the apples browner, more caramelized. If you have thick apples, then you will still have some juiciness in the apples.

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